Industry partnership

Make a difference

Elephant Group industry partners have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of young people through the Elephant Access Programme while supporting long term, systemic change by supporting The Elephant Group’s strategic activities.

Your financial support, resources, and expertise will directly contribute to our programmes, offering young people with a host of opportunities and resources, inspiring them to pursue higher education and career success.

"The Elephant Group are a joy to work with, deeply care about their mission and help us provide meaningful equal opportunity programmes to young people across the UK."

Letitia Frome, Palantir

Ways to get involved


Support our growing network by boosting our resources.


Become a sponsor and engage directly with our talented students.


Partner with us for long term, sustained impact.


Support from our industry partners extends beyond direct contact with Elephant Access Students. By supporting The Elephant Group, you are contributing to equity in education, helping us to shape the educational landscape so that it is fairer for people from all backgrounds.

By partnering with us, you will be helping The Elephant Group to nurture the next generation of professionals by building opportunities and relationships with diverse talent from engaged schools and colleges, universities, and other industry and charity partners.

To discuss your options and opportunities to work with us, please get in touch.

Our corporate partners

Newton Europe

Newton Europe has supported The Elephant Group since we became a charity in 2019. Newton Europe supports us by funding key aspects of our programme. Chris Kelly, a Director at Newton Europe sits on our Board of Trustees.


Palantir support us in our tech stream by providing funding, professional role models and by fully-funding school visits and a trip to Palantir HQ.


‘Amazon in the Community’ support our tech stream through funding and open access to their array of resources and bursaries.

P & G

P&G partners with us on their P&G HeadStart Programme for Elephant Access students, this enables our students to access careers and business challenge programmes and work experience opportunities.

Partner with us

By collaborating with businesses, universities, charities, state schools and colleges we aim to promote equality, inclusion and diversity so that young people’s opportunities are not determined by where they live or where they go to school. Our business partnerships are tailored to meet the needs, resource commitments and desired outcomes of each partner. If you would like to support our work and invest in the next generation, please get in touch